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Searching for Affordable Gluten-free Recipes? Look no further


Affordable Gluten-free Recipes

Searching for affordable gluten-free recipes can be challenging. Gluten-free food is expensive, and research tells us that the gluten-free diet impacts households differently. 

On the surface, it feels like gluten-free cooking should be easy—after all, it’s about avoiding, or eliminating, certain ingredients. And yet, there is nothing simple about managing a gluten-free diet and lifestyle. It requires constant work, navigating labels and thinking through global food supply chains in search of cross-contamination.

More than being complicated, it’s also expensive. Research has shown how the gluten-free diet costs more, on average, and this plays out when meal planning.

Searching for affordable gluten-free recipes: Cooking on a Bootstrap

A close-up photo of a grocery shopping cart, with a scene of a grocery store aisle blurry in the backgroundEnter the wonderful and inspiring Jack Monroe —award award-winning food writer and master of affordable and healthy meals, yes, but also a campaigner and advocate for poverty reduction, mental and physical health, and so much more, working to destigmatize food insecurity in the United Kingdom.

In Canada, 1 in 8 household experienced food insecurity in 2017-2018—that’s 4.4 million people, 1.2 million of whom are children (according to research from PROOF). When we consider that an estimated 1:100 Canadians have Celiac disease, we can imagine that managing a costly gluten-free diet is, simply, not easy at all.

You don’t have to be food insecure to be looking to lessen the financial burden of the gluten-free diet. When searching for affordable gluten-free recipes, look no further than Monroe’s website Cooking on a Bootstrap to get started.

Cut costs, not health and wellbeing

While most recipes are not gluten-free (some are!), they are all adaptable. The best part is that all are broken down by cost per head, per meal (calculated in British Pounds). This is game changing and will be a revelation for anyone used to only seeing numbers on recipes in relation to calorie counting (boring!)

A favourite go-to-recipe is “Make-Me-Better Mug”: A soothing drink for any day, but especially for days when a recovering immune system feels like it needs a little love.



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