The best gluten-free pancake recipe


Dear Pancakes: I love you.

Listen, I know there are loads of gluten-free packaged pancake mixes out there (some good, some very, very bad). Even when the packaged stuff is okay, it’s just not quite the same as making pancakes from scratch. Right? I mean, the taste may be there, but where’s the nostalgia?

In search of that perfect gluten-free pancake recipe

Before I get carried away here, I must admit that even prior to  going gluten-free, it’s not likely you would have found me whipping up a fresh batch of anything in the kitchen, let alone pancakes. 

I do, however, hold a baseless and romantic belief that everyone on this planet is either making and/or eating delicious homemade pancakes every chance they get.

The problem, for me, was that homemade gluten-free pancake recipes were always a bit hit or miss, package or no package.

Nonetheless, I use to dream of being someone who could whip up a fresh batch on a weekend for friends and family—and that the pancakes would be so effortlessly delicious, that I wouldn’t have to announce/declare/warn everyone around me (in case they tasted like trash): “Oh, by the way: they’re gluten free!”

THE best gluten-free pancake recipe:

Well, dear reader, my dreams have come true, thanks to this simple gluten-free pancake recipe from Erin Ireland:

Why I love about the recipe: Only 4 ingredients and totally vegan: I am not vegan, but I love keeping vegan meal ideas in my back pocket in case I need to avoid dairy. And the only 4 ingredients thing is actually a very big deal for me, as someone with celiac disease. When a craving kicks in, there is nothing worse than realizing you don’t have any number of niche gluten-free baking products in the pantry (I’m looking at you, xanthan gum!)

Gluten-free pancake recipe
Simple gluten-free pancake recipe

More reasons why I love the recipe: Mixed it all up in a blender (hardly any mess!) and 1000% toddler approved. I mean, the recipe has “life changing” in it’s title and, not to be dramatic about it, they did change my life. I mean, after introducing these beauties to my family, they have become a weekend staple.

Things to consider: Of course, to make this recipe gluten free, you’ll need to make sure you use gluten free oats, and not regular oats. So it is only an option for those who can tolerate gluten free oats.

Head on over to Erin Ireland’s blog for the recipe. While you’re there, you might want to explore/bookmark some of her other recipe ideas. All are vegan and I feel like most can be easily converted to be gluten free as well, with a few small (but crucial) modifications, of course (like substituting regular soy sauce for gluten free soy sauce, for example).

Like I say, whether your vegan or not, having a few go-to vegan recipes on hand can go a long way on days you feel you may need to avoid dairy.

Happy pancake eating!

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    1. These sound great – but I have a recipe with even less ingredients! 1 cup almonds/ground almonds, 1 cup of tapioca flour (or I have also used gf oats) and add some oat milk, or similar and just mix and fry up – that’s all! I use whole almonds and just grind up with the oats or mix with tapioca and add the milk – but you could use almond flour and just mix with tapioca and milk and that works too. Enjoy! GF and vegan.

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